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Sri Lanka Handicraft Board, popularly known as “LAKSALA” has been promoting the sale of local handicrafts through their showrooms spread island–wide and providing the essential market linkage to traditional craftsmen to market their products since the inception in 1964. Laksala is a “State owned Gift & Souvenir Boutique” and was established under the National Crafts Council and Allied Institutions Act No: 35 of 1982. Since then Laksala has witnessed numerous changes with an ever growing portfolio of products on sale.

Why Choose Laksala?



Laksala is the only State owned Gift and Souvenir Shop established under the National Crafts Council and allied Institutions Act. Laksala has many branches in different locations in Sri Lanka.



Laksala is reputed for innovative designs, exquisite craftsmanship impeccable quality and real value for money



Handicrafts of Laksala undergo extensive quality assurance testing for validity and reliability



Laksala has a meticulous selection process; and our products are sourced from authentic artisans.

Art and craft

People & Craft – Elephants; A testament to colour & skill

Kandy Esala Perahera (pageant) is one of the world’s most fascinating oldest pageants held in during the month of August in Kandy. This pageant is significant as a religious festival as well as a festival connected with agriculture as it is held to invoke blessings of deities to seek rain for a successful harvest. Read More..


Traditional carved masks – a souvenir from a wonderful isle

Traditional carved masks with bright tropical colors is a much loved souvenir for any tourist visiting this wonderful island Sri Lanka. A mask will be a beautiful addition to a home or office. Painted faces of monsters from folk tales adorn the masks of different colors.

In Sri Lanka, masks are used for mask dances. According to traditional beliefs, hanging masks in the household cast off the evil eye. Masks are used for traditional low country dances (Southern regions of Sri Lanka).  Read More..



Laksala has a range of beautiful brassware with an exquisite traditional motifs and a unique Sri Lankan identity. Among the items available at Laksala Showrooms are oil lamps, vases, trays, jewellery boxes, candle holders bowls, betel holder, letter openers and bottle openers.

Brassware adds brilliance to any establishment. In Sri Lanka traditional brassware is passed down generations, especially brass lamps. Every Sri Lankan occasion is inaugurated with the lighting of a traditional brass lamp as there is a popular belief that lighting an oil lamp brings good luck.  Read More..


Sri Lankan Leather

Be a proud owner of a beautifully crafted Laksala leather bag, purse, wallet, passport bag or leather notebook that can be used for many years. Exquisite intricately carved Sri Lankan leather with traditional elephant and swan motifs is durable and can be gifted too. These items are available in traditional leather and the designs are unique to Sri Lanka.  Read More..

Quality Leather


Our range of leather furniture features beautiful designs and colour tones and would be perfect for interiors that feature a touch of world heritage. Crafted and manufactured by experts using the finest materials, you can always be assured of their durability and timelessness in design.





Quality leather

Bags & Pouches

Say hello to a leather bag that could be with you all the way. Such is the durability of Sri Lankan leather and the fact that they are of beautiful design and craftsmanship only add to their value. Available in traditional leather tones to those dyed in bright equatorial colours, the pouches and bags here are the kind that will leave you wondering whether you should get them as gifts or maybe keep them for yourself!




Handloom and Batik

Sri Lanka Handlooms

Elegant handcrafted sarees, innovative upholstery fabrics with a combination of vivid colors and vibrant soft toys are some handloom products of Sri Lanka’s centuries old handloom industry which has been passed down generations. Sri Lanka has a popular market for handloom products all over the world.  Read More..

Sri Lanka Batik

Batik is an adapted aspect of Sri Lankan fashion and textile manufacture which has merged with deep rooted Sri Lankan culture and tradition. Colorful sarees, blouses, sarongs, kurthas, shirts, wall hangings, pennants, cushions and bedspreads are a few items done on Batik. Laksala has a range of Batik items to choose and shoppers are spoilt for choice at its many stores located island wide. Batik is a village based industry in Sri Lanka though at present there are few large scale manufacturers as well.  Read More..


Gem and Jewellery

Gems of Sri Lanka have a great and long history. The Blue Sapphire at the heart of the engagement ring from Prince William to Kate Middleton and the Blue Sapphire ring worn by the late Princess Diana are some of the most notable Sri Lankan origin.

Authentic and certified collection of bangles, necklaces and bracelets studded with finest dazzling gems for which Sri Lanka is world renowned. All these can be purchased at Laksala showrooms. Gems and precious stones with a mix of precious metals featuring expert craftsmanship are the pride of Laksala showrooms. Tourists and locals are mesmerized by the superb collection of gem studded Jewellery with intricate designs.

Sri Lankan gems are popular among tourists who visit the country. There are about 200 minerals in Sri Lanka which have been classified as gemstones. Read More..


Rush and Reedware

Beautifully crafted baskets, hats, boxes, lamp shades, mats, bags, purses, baskets, table mats, wall hangers are some of the exquisitely crafted rush and reed ware at Laksala showrooms showcasing the skills of Sri Lankan artisans. Bright and colorful rush and reed ware at Laksala showcase a wonderful world of the skilled upcountry artisans who have created these intricately designed items.

Reed and rush ware products are made of materials processed using talipot (thalakola), coconut and Palmyra leaves. Among the handcrafted products, there are also table mats, kitchen and household articles and screens. Read More


Porcelain and ceramics beautify homes and dinner tables and are considered symbols of prestige. Laksala ceramics are sophisticated and elegant products that can adorn homes anywhere in the world. Sri Lanka has a heritage of pottery use from time immemorial. Sri Lankan ceramic products are unique and elegant, have a high level of whiteness and translucency as well as high standard internationally recognized products.

Ceramic products at Laksala are crafted with mastery and finesse as well as adhering to strict quality control methods which has resulted in a diverse customer base all over the world who visit the stores especially to buy Laksala ceramics. Read More..



Ceylon Tea is the purest tea in the world with specific characteristics of quality and taste.  Laksala Tea, a derivative of Ceylon Tea is of supreme quality and is rich in flavour with a fine colour and caters to tea aficionados all over the world with its unique taste, cleanest processing and fine packaging. These tea packs can be used for personal use as well as gifting.

For decades, Ceylon Tea has carved a niche market in global tea market due to its excellence in improved and upgraded standards of production and has maintained hygienic standards with the implementation of ISO 22000. Sri Lanka is the world’s third largest tea exporter in the world.  Read More..

It was in 1824 that the first tea plant was brought from China by the British and planted in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya, Kandy. It is considered to be the first non-commercial tea crop to be grown in the country. Close to two decades later, in 1867 James Taylor, a Scotsman was given the task of growing tea on just 19 acres of land in Loolecondera Estate in Kandy. This is considered the first commercial crop of tea to be grown.

A Tamil girl picking tea in Ceylon, today's Sri Lanka, in the 1880s.

Sri Lankan Tea Factory



Ceylon Cinnamon has a long standing reputation globally as the best cinnamon in the world due to its unique quality, flavor, aroma and color. This ‘Wonder Spice’ was valued more than Gold by the Pharaohs.

Read More..

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