Long before the island was considered the best place for tea it was world renowned as the best place for spices. Today Sri Lanka is the key exporter of quite a few spice varieties and you can find all this and more at our stores throughout the island. Pick your favourite spices for your own use or select from a range of special packages as gifts to your friends and family back home! read more...


Throughout centuries sea farers baptized the island as Serendib for its serendipity. The aroma of the spices enticed them for trading of pepper, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and saffron which had been continued throughout the millennium. Today, Sri Lanka is the key exporter of quite a number of spice varieties in value added from to the West and the North of the world.

For those who have a palate for spicy gourmet dishes LAKSALA offers graded and quality checked Sri Lankan spices collected from home gardens, medium and vast spice cultivations on the hills and plains, at affordable prices.  

Spice Mix

spice mix,sea food,cinnamon,steak,lime pepper mix

Rs.12,000/ USD 95.24
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Original Sri Lankan Cardmom

Rs.2,750/ USD 21.83
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Black Pepper

Traditional Sri Lankan Black Pepper

Rs.2,000/ USD 15.87
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