Candles & Incenses

Candles have a wealth of history for being wonderful energizers and have been used for thousands of years in temples and churches for their uplifting glow, and can also be a great source of comfort being lit by visitors to allow them to dedicate the purity of the flame to a loved one.

Candles come in many available shapes and sizes and a whole array of different colours and beautiful fragrances, but the minute you light a candle in your home you will immediately begin to sense the room’s energy starting to change for the better and bringing with it a sense of light and warmth.

*Orange candles provide a creative colour that revitalizes any room bringing joy and enthusiasm.


*Cinnamon/Light brown candles provide a stable and grounding colour that will harmonize any room.


*Yellow candles are mentally stimulating colour and will help to keep conversations lively.


*Green candles produce a harmonizing colour that produces balance, soothing emotions and offering protection.


*Blue candles is a claming colour and produces feelings of peace.



*Purple candles are a soothing colour used for cleansing rooms.

*Gold candles are the colour of abundance and understanding and can overcome any lack of interest in life.

*Silver candles are the colour of the Moon creating balance and encourage change in our lives.

*White candles are the colour of purity and protection and are a great source of comfort.

Incense Sticks

Incense is a perfect reflection of one of our keener senses - the sense of smell.  Imagine primitive man spellbound by the intoxicating aroma of a fresh spring field or a lush forest, and you will understand the origins of incense!  It is no wonder that people sought a way to incorporate these aromas in a tangible form for use in their medical practice and spiritual traditions. 


Essential Oil Pack - Lemon

contents four essential oil each 10ml - Lemon with box

Rs.3,000/ USD 23.81
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Incense Sticks

03 Hours Unique Stick

Rs.290/ USD 2.30
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