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Delivery and Returns

Returning a product

We are pleased to inform you that we will accept returns should they meet the following conditions.

  • All our goods are marked returnable or non-returnable based on the nature of the product.
  • Goods that can be proven to be incorrectly sent, damaged or faulty will be deemed returnable, regardless of the above point, at no extra cost to you.
  • Desire to return goods must be stated on or before 07 days of purchase/payment.
  • All goods returned must be accompanied with the original proof of purchase/receipt.
  • All goods returned must be in the original package and should not have been opened.
  • Goods that are returned must be in excellent re-saleable condition.

Please click the ‘Return a Product’ link below to fill in the information about the goods you intend to return. A message of acceptance along with collection details will be duly notified.

Kindly attach the Return Goods Code which will be sent to you, to the product being returned.

Please include a note on each product indicating if a product is returnable or not.
Please include a section for returns on your website.


Exchange policy

Our Exchange policy only applies to goods bought at our stores and in submission of the original piece/item bought. Laksala maintains the right to refuse exchange based on the state of the item being brought for exchange. Goods bought or gifted via our online purchase facility will not be eligible for exchange.


We understand that in certain instances you may make online purchases with the intention of gifting them. In such situations both the Return Policy & the Exchange Policy mentioned above will apply.


Delivery Products

purchased online (and bought in store should you so request) will be shipped through reputed courier services. Please refer the courier options below to ascertain the expected period for delivery. All given dates are assuming no unforeseen events and incidents take place and that the addresses given are correct. Period of delivery has also been based on major towns and cities and as such, please leave a few additional days for in the case of remote locations.

Please also note that not all items listed online will be automatically deliverable to all countries, given the laws applicable in various countries/territories.

Laksala will not be responsible for delays and loss occurring as a result of late clearance.

For further information on Delivery options, please contact us at