Elegant Rush and Reed ware

Beautifully crafted baskets, hats, boxes, lamp shades, mats, bags, purses, baskets, table mats, wall hangers are some of the exquisitely crafted rush and reed ware at Laksala showrooms showcasing the skills of Sri Lankan artisans. Bright and colorful rush and reed ware at Laksala showcase a wonderful world of the skilled upcountry artisans who have created these intricately designed items.

Reed and rush ware products are made of materials processed using talipot (thalakola), coconut and Palmyra leaves. Among the handcrafted products, there are also table mats, kitchen and household articles and screens.

Sri Lanka is well known for its fine craftsmanship dating back to the period when majestic kings and queens required well sculptured handicrafts in their palaces and gardens.

A large segment of households in Sri Lanka have a collection of rush and reed ware in their living rooms and kitchens. Handbags and purses are popular items of many females who prefer exquisite handcrafted items instead of artificial items. These handicrafts are cottage industries skills of which have been passed down generations and these skills are confined to a few families.

These beautiful handicrafts with over thousands of years of tradition represent a bond between commercialism mixed with traditionalism yet not spoilt by modern day trends.

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