Porcelain and ceramics beautify homes and dinner tables and are considered symbols of prestige. Laksala ceramics are sophisticated and elegant products that can adorn homes anywhere in the world. Sri Lanka has a heritage of pottery use from time immemorial. Sri Lankan ceramic products are unique and elegant, have a high level of whiteness and translucency as well as high standard internationally recognized products.

Ceramic Industry in Sri Lanka has a highly skilled workforce including skilled designers, engineers, chemists, researchers and technologists, state-of-the-art technology in the manufacturing process and ample supply of raw materials necessary for the industry.

Sri Lanka has excellent raw materials including high quality quartz, China clay, feldspar and dolomite necessary to produce high quality ceramic ware.

Ceramic products at Laksala are crafted with mastery and finesse as well as adhering to strict quality control methods which has resulted in a diverse customer base all over the world who visit the stores especially to buy Laksala ceramics.

Sri Lanka has a rich tradition of ceramic industry. Earliest potters in Sri Lanka crafted ceramic pots as early as 500 BC.